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Live Well Studio Advanced Teacher Training

You’re a yogi. You practice. You show up on your mat and meet yourself. You want to find your practice, not your teacher’s practice, the practice that bubbles up from inside your flesh. Maybe you teach yoga, maybe you dream of teaching yoga; you are always and forever a student. You are curious and you want to go deeper. You yearn for rich philosophical dialogue and to learn of the “hidden” curriculum of yogic study: those teachings that stir the soul, soften the heart, and render the mind forever changed.  You seek fellow journeymen and women, a community you can hold and be held by. You want to learn about a lifetime practice of yoga lived one day at a time. You want to be a yogi for a lifetime, or two, or three.

Live Well’s Advanced Studies Program is designed for yogis who are ready for a deep dive, to discover a lifetime practice of yoga. It is designed for yogis ready to establish a consistent meditation practice. It is designed for yogis who are curious to dig deeper into the nuts and bolts of asana. It is designed for teachers who want to expand their teaching repertoire and hone the one thing that compels their students to return: the profundity of practiced wisdom.  It is designed for a group of yogis to become a community, a chosen family, learning together and deepening their path.
The Advanced Studies Program is comprised of 7 distinct learning modules: Meditation, Anatomy of Strength and Flexibility, Deepening Asana Analysis, Deep Dive into the Bhagavad Gita, Pilates for Yogis, Teaching Gentle, Chair and Restorative Yoga, and Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Nervous System.  You may enroll in one or all of the modules.  If you are interested in getting your 500 RYT, we encourage you to enroll in the “full meal deal”: all 7 modules plus monthly (almost) cohort meetings and a Final Project.   

Live Well Studio's Advanced Studies Program will help you enrich your yoga experience and to master teaching. Students in the Advanced Studies Program teach and study under the guidance of Live Well's most experienced teachers. Teaching practice becomes yoga practice. Yoga practice becomes life practice. We step into the deep cauldron of yoga and become transformed. If you are ready for the next step of transformation, we invite you to join our Advanced Studies Program. 

If you choose to work for the Yoga Alliance 500 hour RYT, you’ll need to complete (or have completed) your 200 hour RYT in addition to this training. This is our “Master’s degree in Yoga Teaching.” There are areas of study that you need to cover and be proficient in as you work through the various modules of the program. In addition, we will ask you to find an area of specialization and dig deeply into it, and present it as a workshop for your final project.

We ask you to offer yourself to the call of yoga. We’ll walk beside you on the path of yogic transformation.

Full Meal Deal: $3499 early bird before August 8, 2016; full price $3999

Enroll in the "Full Meal Deal"

Individual Modules:

Anatomy of Strength and Flexibility in Yoga
September 30, October 1,2; Oct 28,29,30 Times: Fridays 6:30-9:30p; Saturdays 12-4pm; Sundays 2-5pm
$299 before August 30th, $399 after.  Register HERE

Deepening Asana Analysis
November 11,12,13; December 9,10,11 Times: Fri. 6:30-9:30; Sat. 12-4; Sun. 2-5
$299 before October 11th, $399 after. Register HERE

Deep Dive into the Bhagavad Gita
January 6,7,8; January 20,21,22; February 3, 4,5; February 17,18,19 Times: Fri. 6:30-9:30; Sat. 12-4; Sun. 2-5
$599 before December 6, 2016; $799 after. Register HERE

Pilates for Yogis
March 3, 4, 5; March 10, 11, 12.
$299 before February 2, 2017, $399 after. Register HERE

Teaching Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga and Restorative Yoga
March 17, 18, 19; April 7, 8, 9; April 21, 22, 23; May 5, 6, 7
$599 before February 17th, 2017; $799 after. Register HERE

Yoga for a Healthy Mind and Nervous System
June 2, 3, 4; June 16, 17, 18, July 7, 8, 9; July 21, 22, 23
$599 before May 2, 2017, $799 after. Register HERE

Meditation Immersion & Guide Program (NOTE: all Meditation Modules also included in 300-hour YTT)

Full 10 month program price: early bird $1999 ends 8/16/2016, $2399 after. Register HERE
Payment plan available $2200 before 8/16/2016 $500 non-refundable down payment, 10 auto pays of $170. Must set up at the studio.

Individual workshops each $149 early bird (ends 2 weeks prior to each weekend); $169 full price

1. Where to Start: Foundations for Meditation  9/16-9/18/2016 Register HERE

2. The Heart of Mindful Self-Compassion  10/14-10/16/2016  Register HERE

3. Settling into Stillness: An In-Studio Retreat  11/18-11/20/2016  Register HERE

4. Heart, Lungs, Butt, Brain: The Body as the Path  12/2-12/4/2016 Register HERE

5. Meditation & The Psyche 1/13-1/15/2017  Register HERE

6. Meditating Deeply: An In-Studio Retreat for Insight  2/10-2/12/2017 Register HERE

7. The Pedagogy of Love: A Weekend for Teachers, Lovers and Humans  3/31-4/2/2017  Register HERE
8. The Wise Yogi: Glimpses of Shunyata  4/28-4/30, 2017  Register HERE

9. Love, Sex, Death: Living Tantra in America   5/26-5/28/2017   Register HERE

10. The Culmination Retreat   6/23-6/25, 2017  (*note: The overnight retreat is included in the cost of the meditation immersion. For non-immersions guests, the cost is $399 and must be purchased in studio. Please reach us at 541.224.6566 for registration details. price includes overnight accomodations and meals; Prerequisites to attend this weekend)  Register

Application can be found HERE

Cancellation Practice 

If you cancel 1 week or more before the event, we will happily give you a 100% refund, less $10 per workshop day (for administrative costs).
If you cancel 1 week or less from the date of the event, we will give you a 50% refund if we are able to fill your spot.
If you cancel 1 week or less from the date of the event and we are not able to fill your spot, we are sad to say we cannot offer you a refund for your payment and will need to charge you the full price.
Additionally, if you cancel on the day-of or you don't show up on the day of the event, we are sad to say that we cannot offer you a refund for your payment and will need to charge you the full price.
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Co-owner, Lisa Wells, PhD, ERYT500, teaches yoga, pilates, core, meditation, trauma-release and 'Making Peace with Your Body' in addition to co-managing the studio . Her 25+ years of yoga practice have taught her patience, humility and happiness. Lisa has been teaching yoga since 2000. She received her PhD in Geology from Stanford University and in her current incarnation as yoga teacher has been called 'a geographer of the body.' Lisa's yoga classes are for your whole being, as she believes there is no separation between body, mind and spirit.  Her philosophy is grounded in the primacy of love.
I’ve been engaged with contemplative practice (yoga and meditation) for well over a decade, and have taught for the last seven years…each passing day, month, and year brings me into deeper relationship with the practice, myself, and others. Yoga teaches me to unravel the intricacies of my heart… and when I think I’ve reached some end point… it guides me to a new corner that requires some work. My hatha yoga practice teaches me to pay attention to my body… that there is much to be learned from this body, and that the body is a gateway to presence, wisdom and love. I am grateful to have studied Hatha Yoga with the most masterful Kira Ryder, Lisa Wells, Darren Rhodes, and Christina Sell, and I study meditation, yoga philosophy, and Tibetan Buddhism with my Holy Guides: Kimberley Theresa, Mira Shani, Jarret Levine, and Douglas Veenhoff. My meditation practice teaches me of the profundity of the mind, attention, dreams -- William James says it concisely, "For the moment, what we attend to is reality." I am a Master's student at Oregon State University, where I study meditation/contemplative practices, Eastern philosophy, and psychology. View Kate's Website

In addition to master’s degrees in neuroscience and special education, I am a life long spiritual seeker. I have studied and practiced many, many years in a variety of schools of yoga, Eastern philosophy, Ayurvedic living principles, and Hindu mythology. Most recently I identify with Rajanaka yoga philosophy, a Tantric philosophy. My primary teachers are Douglas Brooks and Sarahjoy Marsh. My yoga training and practice have granted me space and quietness of mind enough to feel the rhythm and pulsation of life in everything and everyone around me. It is this pulsation that hooks me like a drug and draws me into the dance of relationship with life: the sorrow, the grief, the ecstasy, the passion, the work, the need, the trees, the being. This state I recognize as Goddess, and I celebrate with each passing breath. This state I recognize as God, and I celebrate with each passing movement. This state I celebrate with each interaction, each class.

Angela Grace, MS, ERYT500, C-IAYT

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